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2007 ACM South Central USA Regional Programming Contest



Rank Name Solved Time
1 knapsackers@unt: sudo win (UNT) 8 789
2 2/3 Bumkins (Texas) 7 1114
3 UT White (Texas) 6 1040
4 UT Orange (Texas) 6 1323
5 Texas A&M Maroon (Texas A&M) 5 687
6 su root (Southwestern Univ.) 5 1012
7 Baylor Bears (Baylor U.) 4 507
8 Texas A&M Aggies (Texas A&M) 4 622
9 Rice Blue (Rice) 4 734
10 Los Osos de Baylor (Baylor U.) 3 377
Honorable Mention
1337PR1M3 (SMU)
ACU Clear (ACU)
ACU Purple (ACU)
Bearkats (SHSU)
Cognitive Hemorrhage (OU)
Comets (U Texas - Dallas)
Crazy 8088s (TU)
Family Guy (OU)
Frogs (TCU)
Horn Frogs (TCU)
LeTourneau A-bomb (LeTourneau)
LeTourneau H-bomb (LeTourneau)
OSU Black (OSU)
Planets (U Texas - Dallas)
Rice Gray (Rice)
Stars (U Texas - Dallas)
Texas A&M White (Texas A&M)
Trinity Completely Zain (Trinity U.)
Trinity''s Team nZain (Trinity U.)
UNT Traveling Salesmen (UNT)
UTA Blue (UTA)
Description of the "Finals" report: Standings as they are displayed at the conclusion of the ACM ICPC World Finals - Penalty Points are considered and displayed only for the top ten teams; the remaining teams who have solved at least the median number of problems are grouped alphabetically by number solved; the rest of the teams are listed as "Honorable Mention".